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We can build you the ultimate research dossier

When is market research more than market research? When you put the Websavant team on the case! Our research team will not only find the market data you’re looking for but pull together a research dossier with summaries and insights so you can quickly put the data to work.

Ways you can put our market research skills to work
  • Defining market data regionally, nationally or internationally
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Benchmarking industries, segments or competitors
  • Understanding user attitudes and behaviors
  • Understanding a new target audience
  • Getting up to date on market trends and performance
Some recent examples of client research projects we’ve done
  • Online mattress e-commerce advertising spend 2014 to 2017 for 5000+ brands
  • Detailed global audience insights for a celebrity social media following of more than 75M
  • Investor-driven research report for a potential acquisition detailing market trends, potential space for the acquisition and benchmarks
  • Research dossier on the online cannabis market
  • Global market opportunity for premium men’s denim sales to supplement a global sales pitch and secure funding
  • Global market opportunity for men’s shaving products to validate a new product idea
  • User drivers for posting online reviews for a high-ticket electronics company
  • Customer sentiment analysis across all social media channels for a tourist venue that wasn’t performing at projections
What could you do with a custom research dossier?

Our black-ops Competitive Intelligence team will arm you with a completely custom, on-demand intel dossier answering your most pressing questions with lightning-fast turnaround. Market research reports so powerful they’ll never see you coming.


Our research projects start at $4,000.



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