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What could you do with an x-ray view of your competition?

What about your entire market category? Our team combines cutting-edge tools, market research chops, and ninja-level stealth to give you insight into what the market looks like, what your competition is doing, and whether there’s opportunity to take their lunch money—all without them ever knowing.

Our approach, which includes things like leveraging powerful tools intended for scientists (not marketers) for market research, is something you won’t find anywhere else. Which means the other guys won’t even see you coming. Think of us like your personal black-ops team; we can arm you with a completely custom, on-demand intel dossier answering your most pressing questions with a lightning-fast turnaround.

So how can we help you beat the competition?

Pinpoint why you’re not beating the competition

Clients frequently come to us saying “We’re getting our butts handed to us on everything digital by our competitor. Can you tell us why?” The answer is yes—we’ll let you know where they’re spending, how much they’re spending, and what it would take to beat them.

Keyword and ad spend visibility

Wondering how much your competitors spent on search advertising in 2016 vs 2015? Or which PPC non-branded keywords are driving traffic to their site? How about who else is focused on a keyword you’re targeting? We can give you visibility into your competition’s PPC spend and strategy in the blink of an eye.

Industry benchmarking

Want a view into what your three biggest competitors spent on digital advertising last quarter? Maybe you need a complete keyword basket for the competition? What about data on the social media following of the three biggest players in your market? We can give you the lay of the land with in-depth, totally customized industry benchmarking you won’t find anywhere else.

Pitch support data and insights

Say you’re heading into a big pitch next week. Wouldn’t having insight on what they’re doing with digital right now and where some opportunities might lie help you wow them and seal the deal? You bet! We help you look ultra smart and prepared with custom recommendations that show you go the extra mile.

Demystify social media ROI

Social media undoubtedly plays a big part in a brand’s marketing strategy, but ROI can be hard to quantify. Our team can give you visibility into things like what kind of performance your biggest competitor getting from their Pinterest, whether what they’re doing with Facebook performs well, or even which channels your audience is on and where to put your efforts.

A word on discretion

As Ninjas, we understand needing a little stealth cover. Want your reports white-labeled? We can do that. In fact, if you provide your logo, we’ll even customize them for you.


Our Competitive Intelligence offerings run the full gamut from a simple, single-note query to a complete landscape view. Pricing starts at just $500 for our simplest report, but depending on your specific needs scales up from there.



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