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Pay-per-click (PPC) ads are a powerful form of paid search marketing that can allow your brand to appear at the exact moment a customer is searching for a product or service that you offer. Not only can PPC efforts drive sales & conversions, they can inform other areas of your business—making them an amazing research tool. Combine that with our digital ninja savvy (we are Google trained and certified), and you’ve got a total game changer. Below is a breakdown of what our services can cover.


Comprehensive keyword research

We ensure you appear for the perfect searches by implementing thorough keyword research up front. This includes figuring out which search terms you’re competitive for and which you’re not, and being militant about negative keywords so you’re not wasting precious budget.

Competitive intelligence

We can break down your competitor’s PPC spend, keywords, timing, creative and landing pages to give you the competitive edge in your own campaigns.

Ad creation

You don’t have to know how to write copy or ads, just tell us what makes you special, and we’ll find the right words to make you look like a million bucks.

Landing page conversion optimization

For some campaigns, the most effective way to drive conversions is to send traffic to a special campaign-based web page called a landing page. We take the pain out of the process by creating those directly to take your campaign performance up a notch (or two).

Split testing and A/B testing of ads

Before we start spending your PPC budget, we conduct litmus tests with small dollar amounts to figure out what will drive the best results. Small risks, big lessons, smarter spend.

PPC hyper-local campaigns

Search marketing isn’t just for the big boys. Hyper-local campaigns can harness search power in your neighborhood, city, state or region. They can also target specific devices.

Remarketing campaigns

Reconnect with users who have visited your site using remarketing. These campaigns keep you top of mind and increase the ROI on your ad spend.

Transparent detailed reporting

You can have confidence in your PPC advertising spend with our detailed reporting. Not only can you see our work directly inside your Google Analytics dashboard, we also produce detailed reports highlighting the most important information and insights.

Inform your omnichannel approach with PPC

As we mentioned, PPC can also be a powerful tool for informing other areas of your business. We’ve used PPC to do things like test marketing messages before placing large offline media buys, refine product features to tap into unserved search volumes and help businesses rethink how they talk about their product to better match the way consumers think (and search)!


We can work on a retainer or project basis depending on your search marketing needs. Because this could be anything from keyword research to a full search marketing program that includes all of the aforementioned, we will need to have a conversation before presenting you with a quote. We also recommend pairing PPC with SEO services for maximum impact on search. Get in touch and let’s get the conversation going!

Did you know…

That users who find a retail site via search ads are 50% more likely to buy than those who came from an organic link?

That 65% of users searching for products or services click on paid search ads?


That 88% of considered offline purchases start at a search engine?



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