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You have great video content, but don’t want to spend the BIG bucks on TV placements. Luckily, now you can get in front of the right people at the right time through YouTube placements —for a fraction of the cost. We can help you hyper-target your video content and provide you with valuable analytics data that just isn’t possible with traditional media like television. Plus, YouTube is performance based, meaning that you only pay for a view if the viewer watches at least half of the ad. Quit taking shots in the dark and let’s work together on a video strategy that will grow your brand.


Our omni-channel social media advertising packages start at $3,000/month + media, and depending on your needs, can scale from there. If you’re looking for more of a comprehensive digital strategy that includes social media advertising as part of your overall marketing strategy, we will give you a custom price on everything together. Once we know more details of the project or initiative, we’ll provide you with a SOW so you know exactly what you’re getting.



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We're a forward-thinking digital marketing agency based in NYC taking a completely holistic approach to marketing—because we believe that the symphony is most magical when all parts of the orchestra work together. Our approach gives you large agency skills, small team agility, and a true partner to help you win more business.

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