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Facebook certainly has the most heritage when it comes to modern social media. With over 1 billion active users (and counting) and an ever-growing advertising platform, this channel should definitely be present in your brands’ advertising strategy.

From age to location to interests to connections and beyond, Facebook provides the most thorough targeting options of any social media marketing platform. It’s possible to group target audiences into incredibly specific categories — like music festival enthusiasts, or women between the ages of 20-30 with a friends birthday coming up—making it simple to reach your dream audience in the right place at the right time.

Our team has created and implemented Facebook advertising strategies since the early days, so we’re bonafide experts. We can recommend the best content, targeting and ad unit approach for any initiative.


Our omni-channel social media advertising packages start at $3,000/month + media, and depending on your needs, can scale from there. If you’re looking for more of a comprehensive digital strategy that includes social media advertising as part of your overall marketing strategy, we will give you a custom price on everything together. Once we know more details of the project or initiative, we’ll provide you with a SOW so you know exactly what you’re getting.



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