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Marketing; it’s officially complicated

As technology advances, marketing is getting more complex. It’s digital. It’s traditional. Digital feeding traditional. Traditional feeding digital. And all of it has to work together, with everything tracked (when possible), fully accountable and absolutely brilliant. Not for the faint of heart! With so many devices (the average person has 3-4) and stimuli competing for our attention every day, reaching the customer with your message once isn’t nearly enough. Repetition and relevance are key in cutting through the clutter and sticking in their mind. So what does that look like?

The customer journey is a real thing

The reality is that customers are humans. They are busy, unpredictable at times, and self-serving. In order to earn a spot in their brain, which may turn into an idea and eventually a purchase, you need to provide a solution to their problem and continue to meet them where they are—not where you want to be. Big difference. Below is an example of a realistic journey that a hypothetical customer may go through from brand introduction to purchase. 

Meet Marissa, a millennial New Yorker that works in international supply chain management with a very busy schedule.

You may have heard people talk about “attribution”, a concept that gives conversion credit to a particular marketing channel or effort, but most people use “last-click attribution” (meaning they give all the credit to the last piece of the journey) which isn’t accurate at all! It paints a simpler picture, but the reality is much more complex and interesting.

Every step in Marissa’s story above is an important part of the customer journey, and while it can be tricky to assign ROI to the billboard that introduced the brand or the display ad that triggered her memory, they were both undoubtedly important, valuable steps.

This story is why at Websavant we believe wholeheartedly in a holistic, integrated approach to marketing. All of your efforts should support each other in the eventual goal of customer acquisition. Assigning all the credit to the channel that got the eventual click is taking the lazy way out, and you’re better than that.

So how can we help you reach your customers?


Whether it’s your brand, your blog, your social media presence or anything else, we can help you create the perfectly worded phrase.

Creative Concepting

Have an amazing idea, but need help fleshing it out and bringing it to life? You need creative concepting.

Social Media Ads

Social ads can create brand awareness and drive potential customers to your website. We’ll make sure yours looks top notch.

Email Marketing

Want to create highly personalized customer interactions — at scale? You need email marketing. Whether you need newsletters, promotions or a whole suite of templates, we’ve got you covered.

Go to Market Strategy

Launches are hard. We make them easy. Our Go To Market team will design a winning strategy to help you take the world by storm.

Direct Mail

A third of customers find direct mail the most effective way to remember a product, which means it should be part of your marketing plan. We’ll handle everything from design to delivery to make the process painless.

Search Marketing

88% of considered purchases, online and offline, start at a search engine. Get in front of your most important customers by just showing up—literally. We can help.

Marketing Plans

Stop throwing darts in the dark. We can lay out a roadmap to save you time and money, making every throw more powerful, efficient and cost effective.



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