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What’s the one thing that ties together every piece of content you put out into the world? Cohesive brand messaging. It’s what makes customers relate to your brand! It inspires, motivates and ultimately makes them want to buy your product or service. Not to mention, brand messaging can be a tool to inspire your internal teams to tell your brand story with passion—whether it be internally or externally, in print or in-person.

How a messaging playbook can be your secret weapon

Design teams rely on brand style guides to address all elements of the visual brand and how to use them for marketing, so why not apply this recipe to communication? A messaging playbook is a similar concept—a lexical guide that breaks down brand messages across channels. Think of it like a sports playbook, it has practical applications for common scenarios to guide your whole team to victory!

What’s included in a Messaging Playbook from Websavant?

Audience Personas

Diving into paid advertising or content marketing without knowing exactly who your customers are is just taking (expensive) shots in the dark. Audience personas, also called marketing personas or buyer personas, are realistic representations of your customer segments broken down into demographic, geographic and psychographic elements. We use in-depth market research to develop a custom set for your brand—giving you a game-changing perspective shift to help you create channel strategy and messaging that resonates with real-life humans.

Channel Strategy & Messaging

Do you speak to your grandmother the same way that you speak to your 12-year old cousin? Of course not! If you want to check-in with grandma, you might give her a call, while the same check-in with your preteen cousin might be through a Snapchat with a funky filter and emojis. The same goes for how you communicate with your customers. Audience personas give us the fuel we need to develop cross-channel messaging frameworks that are designed to reach and resonate with your actual customers.


Pricing for Messaging Playbooks starts at $2,500, and depending on how much research needs to go into developing your buyer personas, can scale from there. Once we know the details of the project we’ll provide you with an exact quote so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Sometimes, clients want the components of a Messaging Playbook combined with the components of a Brand Book (Brand Style Guide). We can do this too. Just talk to us about your needs and we can provide a custom quote.

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