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A picture logo says a thousand words

All iconic logo designs have a conspicuous commonality: they instantly trigger a strong brand message. From the Target bullseye to the Nike swoosh, the most distinguished logos can quickly deliver a brand’s core values to a consumer—even subconsciously.

Whether your brand is fearless, mysterious, whimsical, prestigious (or anything in between) and whether you need a new logo or want to rebrand and reinvigorate an old one, we’ll work together to design something that you’re proud to take out into the world!

Our logo design process

Our design process consists of 3 main phases: exploration, concepting, and production. We begin in what we call the exploratory phase, which consists of this-not-this exercises and shopping for examples of existing work that you like, love and loathe. This can be lots of fun! It gets the creative juices flowing and many clients tell us they have a blast.  Once we have an idea of what design styles feel right, we move into concepting— a series of conversations that help us collectively land on a concept to inspire the final design. Next comes production, where you get to see all the creative thinking come to life. We move through rounds of hand-drawn sketches to black and white prototypes, which will set the stage for a final design complete with color.

Need more than just a new logo? 

We can offer a price break on the cost of logo design if you’re looking to package it with other branding materials! We also offer Comprehensive Branding Packages, which include logo design, typographical hierarchy/font pairings, a color palette, a brand style guide/brand book and branded marketing collateral such as standard letterhead design, business card design, stationery design and custom powerpoint template design. We also offer other à la carte branding services.


We work on all kinds of logo design projects — some relatively simple, and some rather complicated. Our pricing for an à la carte logo design starts at $1,500 (per logo) for a simple design, and depending on your needs, can scale from there. We’ll provide you with an exact quote so you know exactly what you’re getting once we know the details of the project.



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