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If you’re looking for funding to fuel your great business idea, you’re going to need a pitch deck. 99% of the time, businesses who come to us think their pitch just needs design. What they really need is a better story.

Getting your BIG idea into the standard 11-slide format, the revised 10-slide format or the increasingly popular 4-slide with an appendix format can be daunting. But when you partner with our team, the work will fly by, and can even be fun (we promise).


We can work in any slide format from PowerPoint and Keynote to Google Slides and even InDesign, ensuring that not only do you have a great strategic pitch when we’re done, but you also have a presentation file you can update and maintain yourself. We’ve worked in dozens of programs, so let us know what special requirements you may have and we’ll take care of you!

Confidentiality – The Ninja Code

Trust and confidentiality is the basis for our business, so naturally, we’ll sign an NDA. For more sensitive projects we can also limit data transfers to secure channels and encrypted email.


If you’re in startup mode, you probably care more about budgets than sleeping, vacationing or eating your weight in chocolate cupcakes. We get that, so let’s talk about what it costs to get a killer pitch deck.

Pricing out pitch decks can be tricky, because the amount of time it takes us to help you is directly proportional to the state of your materials.  As a rule, we include all of the work required to make a killer pitch deck including idea workshop, storyboards, copywriting, wireframing, slide designs, stock photo selections and final packaging.

  • Basic presentation makeovers start at $1,500
  • Standard pitch deck builds start at $3,500
  • Multi-deck builds and large decks start at $7,500

For more complex pitches, you may even need a suite of pitch materials including data sheets, folders, binders, instructional videos, mockups, infographics and demos. We’ll help figure out exactly what you need for a winning pitch, whether it’s a visual refresh or a messaging overhaul.



  • Infographics, lightbox product photos and product mockups start at $500
  • Explainer videos start at $1,500
  • Commercial videos start at $15,000
  • Demo sites or clickable demos start at $5,000

“Want to change the world? Upset the status quo? This takes more than run-of-the-mill relationships. You need to make people dream the same dream that you do.”

— Guy  Kawasaki



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