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What do Sam Walton, Jeff Bezos and Cornelius Vanderbilt all have in common? They all built their empires through unifying principles and by staying true to their brand. While Vanderbilt, for instance, might be remembered for earning his fortune through investing in infrastructure, he really built his empire by staying true to his unifying principle of customer concentricity—always leave on time, always arrive on time, and never lose the customer’s luggage. 

Sometimes clients come to us with a great idea, but without a fully formed brand identity or set of values to go out into the world with. If you think branding is just making things look pretty, you should think again. We believe that a well-articulated brand can make what’s special about your company or product shine through more brightly. It can help people discover you and create unwavering loyalty.

So, who is your brand? What are its attributes and unifying principles? What does it look like? Sound like? These are some of the tough questions we work together to answer in a Brand Development Workshop. Also called a Brand Ideation Session, it’s a hands-on and inspiration-driven process of discovery—and it’s pretty exciting! 


Our pricing for a full day Brand Development Workshop starts at $4,000. Following our session, we’ll sum up the insights that come out of our day together and provide you with all the supporting materials to elevate you to the next state of brand development.  

Not quite ready to take the plunge? We have half day options too!



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