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Defining USA Market Opportunity For An International Fashion Brand


S.P.C.C, a successful international men’s fashion brand, was looking to expand their business into the USA. We helped them understand the competitive landscape they were looking to enter, who their online target audiences were, how to reach them, what media budget was required to break into the market and how to inventory forecast for the American market. We also modeled out media costs and performance by online channel to help them right-size advertising costs relative to average order size. Our strategic consulting approach project enabled them to fully understand what it would take to enter the U.S. market.

In our work for them, we answered key questions like:

  • What sales can I drive with X budget?
  • How is a U.S. consumer searching for my product(s)?
  • What happens if we bid on premium SERP positions vs. cheap positions?
  • What if our Average Order Size (AOS) is higher/lower than we expect it to be?
  • If we wanted to buy all of the available ad inventory for our targets audiences, how much media budget would that take?
  • What are our competitors doing online in terms of budget and channels?
  • What are the performance benchmarks for the various marketing channels in the USA?

Our research findings greatly reduced S.P.C.C.’s market entry risk, and we helped them to create internal alignment on their go-to-market strategy, empowering key stakeholders with data-driven facts to help get buy-in from the powers that be.




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