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Breathing Life Into A New Ad-Tech Brand

REAL developed patent-pending technology to help brands, publishers & agencies programmatically cultivate more meaningful relationships with their audiences by understanding and harnessing character strengths. Character strengths go beyond beahviors and attitudes — they’re at the the core of  our being, where individual longing for meaning and purpose reside. This breakthrough technology should have been lighting the world on fire, but it was hard to understand and even harder to sell. That’s where we came in.

Our first order of business was to really understand the technology and how it could be applied across 3 distinct buying audiences. We then turned this understanding into a full force brand strategy that fed pitch decks, sales kits, and marketing collateral. The result was a much more articulate and releavant brand story and product offering.

Part of the storytelling journey included exhaustive copywriting and the design of simple explainers to help each audience understand the product and workflow, depending on their desired outcome. These helped to make the complex technology accessible but also facilitated more consultative conversations. It took a lot of patience, experimentation and perserverence to make something complex into a something simple, but the end result was worth it!

Once the storylines and strategy were set, we turned to the visual presentation, evolving all creative and brand assets to feel more mature and sophisticated, on par with the competitive set.

We then went on to help with strategic partner and investor meetings, agency partnership meetings, bridging the strong technical foundation of the business with the client service needs of agency partners (we speak geek fluently).

Pitch Decks

We created a modular pitch deck library that could serve REAL for sales pitches, partner education sessions, and investor roadshows.

From process diagrams to product descriptions, the pitch deck library massively upgraded the REAL Media story and brand.

By moving away from emailing PowerPoint files back and forth, to using the cloud, this library allows any team member from around the world to quickly assemble a stress-free presentation without version control and content issues.

Brand Style Guide

Even in scrappy startup mode, a brand style guide helps to keep the entire team on the same page. The REAL brand looks and feels consistent no matter which team member is leading the charge.

Never underestimate the power of a sweet and simple guideline.



The true power of persuasion for REAL’s product lay in the results it could produce on campaigns. Trouble was, all of that goodness was buried in dozens upon dozens of technical and academic papers about the technology.

This is example is a simple 4-point declaration designed to make partners, advertisers and investors straighten up and pay attention. Because in the world of Ad-Tech, they really want to know what’s in it for me?



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