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Launching The World’s Most Beautiful Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is…not exactly inspiring. Or it wasn’t until now. Scandinavian-inspired personal care brand OLIKA came to us with the challenge of shaking up an underwhelming category and launching the first 2-in-1, cute-as-a-button, high-design and quality hand sanitizer. A hospital visit inspired the idea — one of the founders saw doctors and nurses using sanitizer and thought, surely it could be a more delightful experience. They started asking everyone they knew what they hated about hand sanitizer, and the answers kept coming back to the scent and feel. OLIKA challenged itself to develop a formula that took dryness and irritation out of the equation, smelled good and used natural ingredients. But before Birdie hatched, how was he going to make his mark?

That’s where marketing Ninjas can come in pretty handy. With OLIKA, we work hand-in-hand with the client on every aspect of marketing. Think of it like a fractional marketing department or part time CMO. While there are far too many initiatives to possibly detail on this page and many of them are top secret, here are a few to give you a peek inside the work we’ve done and continue to do together.


Website Design & Development

OLIKA’s vision for the ecommerce site was simply that it be reflective of the brand—beautiful, clean, and thoughtful. But other than a color palette and the need for an ecommerce platform, we were free as a bird (couldn’t resist) to bring it to life.

We decided early on that the site needed to be mobile-first and maintain the scandinavian minimalist feel of the brand. The result is a clean and easy-to-navigate e-commerce site with sophisticated tracking that’s able to scale with additional product offerings as the company expands product lines.

Influencer Marketing

In collaboration with our brilliant PR partner, we’ve curated, recruited and managed a dedicated influencer network to create beautiful content and a steady drumbeat of coverage for OLIKA. This approach has allowed us to garner consistent, high-quality coverage and secure owned, influencer-generated assets to keep the OLIKA brand top-of-mind for potential customers. In less than 6 months, the program has received several editorial placements across a number of media markets. Plus, no complaints from Birdie — he’s been jet-setting all over the world!

Viral Marketing Videos

As the great Michael Dubin of Dollar Shave Club once said, “people tend to remember things when they’re musically presented, and comedy is a form of music.” With those words of wisdom in mind, we worked together to launch a video concept called “Give ‘em the Bird,” showcasing standalone scenarios where antagonists not only break social norms, but inflict their unsavory personal hygiene upon unsuspecting bystanders. Each video [episode] concludes with the narrator, who offers a comedic, cheeky solution for each scenario: “Give ’em the Bird” — as in, hand them Birdie.

In the first week alone, people watched the pilot videos over 15,000 times.


Search & Display Advertising

No launch would be complete without entering the search engine marketing and display advertising game. We tapped into search streams for obvious and non-obvious terms to place Birdie directly in shoppers’ paths. Our display campaigns included everything from traditional brand impression buys to sophisticated dynamic display creative, and we used these platforms to test, learn and refine brand messaging and offers to drive conversions. We negotiated interesting pilots and partnerships to help give Birdie flight, designed and developed all of the creative and deployed the campaigns with Ninja speed.

Meet Birdie

We know, we know—he’s irresistible (read: perfect for gifting at weddings, showers, birthdays and pretty much any occasion). You can pick him up here or find him on Amazon!  




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