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Reaching the Millennial Jewelry Consumer


Fashionest came to us because they had launched a fashion jewelry brand aimed primarily at millennial women, and while they knew they had something special to offer, they weren’t getting the sales traction they wanted. A multi-channel audit clearly showed us that they had the right ingredients for success, but they weren’t working together as well as they could. While Fashionest didn’t have the budget of the big players in the market, we knew that we could help them own a bigger piece of the fashion jewelry category—and increase sales.

As the new kid on the block, you can’t just flip the lights on and expect a line out the door, especially when you’re up against industry giants like BaubleBar and Charming Charlie. You have to let the world know you’re here and why you’re special! The challenge with Fashionest was to simultaneously raise awareness, help people find them and build brand equity, while also boosting sales. It might sound a bit like trying to run before you can walk, but we took small, calculated risks, A/B tested, then tested again, using the data to solve the puzzle of why people weren’t converting and find the channels that would help them change that.

We strongly believe in a holistic, multifaceted approach, and that you have to be willing to fail in small ways to ultimately win. You can’t simply invest in one channel like SEO or Facebook advertising. All the parts of the “conversion machine” need to work together to help people find you, understand why they should spend their money with you, and have such a great, seamless experience buying from you that they come back for more!

Ultimately we were able to exponentially increase the amount of high-quality traffic to the site and increase conversions. Scroll for some channel-specific examples of how our strategic consulting approach helped them win.



Google Shopping

After considerable data analysis and microtesting, Google Shopping turned out to be the crown jewel of our strategy for Fashionest and was ultimately responsible for the majority of conversions by a significant margin. We had a hunch that it would be a great fit but there was a lot to do to to ensure success, beginning with extensive SEO copy optimization of the entire product catalog (changing titles and descriptions to increase searchability based on keyword research) followed by integration with the Google Shopping merchant center. Only after all of that was in place with surgical precision, could the ads themselves be launched. We saw almost immediate success, and as the conversions rolled in, we diverted more dollars towards these ads to compound the effect.

Social Media

Social media advertising was highly valuable for improving shopper personas and building brand awareness. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest ads increased highly qualified traffic to the site. Users driven to the site by our ads spent longer on site, visited more pages and converted more often. Social advertising also helped us figure out who the customer really was. Fashionest came to us thinking that they knew who their customer was, but split testing a variety of geographic, demographic and psychographic targeting and creative told a different story. These insights helped them pivot their strategy successfully.

Website Optimization & Maintenance

When we audited Fashionest’s site it was clear that it could be much better optimized. Overhauling their product descriptions and landing page copy with copy including specifically researched keywords significantly increased searchability. We also made sure that all of the important SEO components were properly in place on the back end. Often the unsung hero of increasing traffic or conversions, proper SEO optimization including copy editing can make a big difference in the long haul!

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