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Turning Data Into Insights & Opportunity

Famous had just conducted a very serious research project to better understand their customer base to look for emotional, behavioral and demographic markers to enhance and refine their customer acquisition program. Additionally, Famous was looking at their retail store locations and looking to match online marketing intelligence for customer prospecting to strategic radius around each store.

Team Websavant joined into the project to bridge the gap between the academic customer modeling and the physical go-to-market for campaigns, helping the business, data partners and advertising agency create an extraordinary marketing program. We modeled out media channels, media budget, performance benchmarks, and ROI based on different KPIs to figure out just the right mix. The plan was then rolled out to a beta test of 3M customer targets before rolling out to a larger 70M pool.

We’ve told you before, some of our projects have to be kept on the DL, especially when it’s mission critical work like this, so we’re not going to give you hard numbers. We can say that this targeted program yielded 11x the benchmark campaign performance YOY and all KPIs are exceeding plan.



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