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Brand Development Workshop
Brand Book Development
Logo Design
Marketing Collateral
Sales Pitch Deck Development
Investor Pitch Deck Development
Market Research
Persona Development
Messaging Playbook
Strategic Marketing Plan
Go-to-market Strategy
Website Design & User Experience
Social Media Channel Branding
Social Media Strategy
Product Development Advisory
Technical Build Project Management
Fractional Chief Marketing Officer
Fractional Marketing Team

Building A FinTech Startup From The Ground Up

Distributed Finance had a big idea: bring alternative investments out of the exclusive Wall Steet club for the 1% and let everyone on Main Street have access to this wealth-building investment type. They came to us early, when the idea was but a twinkle in their eye and we’ve worked tirelessly alongside the DFC team to breathe life into the brand, build the product and mastermind the go-to-market strategy.

Logo Design

We started our logo design in the research archives, learning about the earliest forms of money and the symbolism of currency. DFC wanted something that was modern and clean, but had a strong historical narrative. The process was very collaborative as we collected visual research on Pinterest and edited down to a killer creative brief. The final logo is elegant and modern, has the feel of a coin or crest, and scales beautifully from tiny cuff links to multi-dimensional wall installations.

Website Design & User Experience

If you’re going to bring complex alternative investments to Main Street, you have to build a user experience that is simple, trustworthy and fully responsive. In the end we designed 3 sites for Distributed FInance: the public brand site that tells the story and engages user registration, the registered user system for buyers to manage their investments and the administrative site for sellers & managers.

We started with wireframing and designing the user experience before a single design pixel was placed on a screen. We wrote out detailed technical briefs for the development teams to help preserve the user experience,  then worked collaboratively all the way to user acceptance testing. You could call us the master and commander of this fresh user experience.

Persona Development

Here’s an interesting challenge. DFC was launching a product whose target market was literally everyone in America. But if you’re marketing to everyone, you’re marketing to no one (Websavant proverb).

We tackled this challenge by breaking down user personas into 67 segments across the United States, fueled by hundreds of real data points on media consumption, investment history, purchase behavior and demographics. This gave us a detailed framework of who to target.

Brand Development Workshop

Our earliest work with Distributed Finance was spent working on the brand strategy — starting with a Brand Development Workshop. From this work we were able to clearly define the vision for the brand, and how the brand served Main Street investors, professional investors, and asset providers. This hard work helped make every other part of our project easier, because we could check in against the brand strategy to make sure every decision was mapping back to our larger brand vision.



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