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Defining Market Opportunity for a Celebrity Fashion Brand


We were approached by the team responsible for the global launch of the apparel/denim line for international footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, who just so happens to have the most highly followed social media presence in the world. We’re talking more followers than every member of the NFL combined. In advance of the launch, they needed to know much, much more about who made up the celeb’s (absolutely gigantic) social media following, how they overlapped with the enormous U.S. denim market and how they could best reach them. The tools available on the market capped analysis at 1M followers — which wasn’t even statistically significant in this case — and they had no idea how to proceed. Luckily, they found us, and all we need to hear is “data analysis” to get our hearts beating faster! #NerdAlert #NotSorry

Data Analytics

We performed deep analysis on the celebrity’s follower base to determine who these people were, where they lived and what market opportunity lay within for a premium denim-focused apparel line. This was no small task, since the tools currently available for this kind of analysis didn’t offer anything close to a large enough analysis capacity. We researched and back channeled (and even begged a little), and eventually we found a data house that was willing to create a “back door” for us to parse the massive amount of data we had. The insights we came back with absolutely blew the client away, proving that you might think you know your customer, but only the data can tell the real story.

Research Dossier

Along with the follower base analysis, we also provided the client with an in-depth research dossier on the competitive space of the denim industry, allowing them to understand relative spend, performance and opportunities in online marketing. The research dossier we provided the client with covered all aspects of the international denim industry, allowing them to get smart on a tight timeline, and be ready to pitch international retailers on why they’re a good bet.

Websavant’s supporting data and research for the brand pitch deck was used to secure retailers from around the world —resulting in 800% more “yes’s” than they anticipated. We’re pretty proud of that one!



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