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Introducing Women To A Completely New Way To Shave

Apple changed the way we think about cellphones — instead of just being a way to call AAA or Mom, we now carry more computing power in our pocket than most people’s desktop computers. In the early days though, people didn’t get it, so Apple had to simultaneously educate and market to the consumer.

Bikini Soft — a high quality, all natural shave oil for women — came to us wanting to do the same for the shaving industry with a cleaner, better alternative than the creams and gels we’ve all been using. They saw high quality oils being used in men’s professional shaving (and, increasingly in other skincare) and decided that women should get to be in on the secret! But how do you get people to shift their mindset on something so ingrained?

The challenge here was: Drive sales while simultaneously educating the market, and bridging direct-to-consumer ecommerce with Amazon ecommerce. 55% of search volume around new product discovery starts at Amazon — there’s no escaping the fact that it’s an Amazon world. So, although their ultimate goal was to expand D2C sales, if we were doing our job right, Amazon sales would increase too. Scroll to see some ways we tackled the challenge.

Social Media Advertising

Paid social media was our center for brand awareness, and we used it as a tool to do market research inexpensively — small risks, big lessons! We first tested which age groups of women were most receptive on Facebook, and then which messaging, offers and visuals best drove response from those audiences.

The second wave of testing used those insights to expand campaigns across channels, finding the sweet spot between driving awareness and conversions. Our strategy also included building custom landing pages and a content marketing program. We took small, smart risks to figure out which platforms were driving the most engagement, and then put more dollars behind them. (For example, Pinterest turned out to be a sweet spot that the client never considered!)

Website Design & Development

Bikini Soft had a very lightweight website typical of many manufacturer’s first attempts at eCommerce (read: not very pretty or user-friendly). We dug in and created a new site that focuses on design and user experience, is reflective of the quality ingredients in the product, and is wholly focused on a seamless, mobile-responsive user experience.

We backed up all that beautiful web work with fully built out, on-brand social channels that paint a picture of the Bikini Soft Lifestyle. Not to mention, we saved the client a considerable amount of money with some tech and hosting optimization — small tweaks, big impact!

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Display Advertising

We used display ads to test the geofencing hypotheses we had from our persona development research. (Part of our marketing magic is creating personas that are not only based on demographic targeting, but also isolate the geographic hotspots where your customers may be hiding).

We also used display advertising to test interest targeting; where does this customer shop? Where do they hang out online? This insight gave us the validation we needed to launch additional longer-lead campaigns focused on content marketing and general consumer education.

Our display campaigns performed 3-5x above industry benchmarks — showing our research-driven, multi-channel approach translates to more relevant ads, and more conversions.

Marketing Collateral for Email Acquisition

Customer experience doesn’t end at the screen. In fact, it carries through to the moment the customer opens your product or package. The data had been telling us that the chances of new customers becoming loyal customers increased by 50% if we could get them to a second purchase.

We saw an opportunity to create more loyal customers by providing a promo on their second purchase. We did this via a postcard insert delivered with their first order and even maximized the investment made in designing that collateral by incorporating it into direct mail campaigns. Now that’s what we call ROI.



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