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Brand Development Workshop
Brand Book Development
Logo Design
Marketing Collateral
Investor Pitch Deck Development
Website Design & Development

Launching A New FX Hedge Fund

AW Capital Management came to us because they were launching a hedge fund and wanted their website and branding to reflect their modern sensibility, but still be simple and elegant enough to inspire confidence in more traditionally-minded clients. Since hedge fund land can be, shall we say, less than inspiring when it comes to branding, the client couldn’t point to examples they loved, only ones they didn’t want to emulate. Not known to shy away from a challenge, we said we’re game.

Logo Design

We kicked off with a brand development workshop in which we guided the client through a variety of exercises to get to the nugget of what they wanted their brand to look and feel like. Using what came out of that session as inspiration, we iterated on several rounds of logo possibilities, eventually landing on the rather striking one you see here. The client was thrilled to have achieved the perfect balance of traditional with a decidedly modern twist. We designed business cards to showcase the logo and help AWCM go out into the world with the confidence of a thoughtfully created brand.

We also created a complete brand book with color and logo guidelines, so their team could create cohesive presentations when necessary.

Pitch Deck Development

As part of our brand development work with AW Capital Management, we created a pitch deck to help them demonstrate their unique value proposition clearly, concisely and beautifully in presentations. The template made it easy for them to make additions or changes on a case by case basis while keeping everything cohesive.

Website Design & Development

This was a really interesting challenge because for a financial services firm, discretion is highly prized. You want to show your capabilities but not give away your secret sauce. Demonstrate that you’re trustworthy and can walk the walk, but also not turn potential clients off with an overwhelming amount of financial jargon.

Our strategic marketing approach was to combine a variety of strong, organic elements and colors to convey the calming, steady essence of the AWCM brand, while keeping the design and language fairly streamlined and straightforward. We designed a custom website template to suit the client’s specific needs, and built in extra functionality that would be able to grow with the business as offerings and needs expanded. We worked in close collaboration on design and functionality elements, as well as a significant amount of copywriting, leveraging their deep knowledge of their space with our uncanny knack for conveying complicated concepts in a human-friendly way. The result was a finished product that the client was excited to take out into the world— and we hear the compliments are rolling in! Happy client = happy Ninjas.



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