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It’s a struggle to gain a competitive edge in markets saturated with calcified marketing methodologies. We change the game with valuable insights and competitive intelligence — allowing you to take your competitor's lunch money before they even know what hit them.
Competitive Intelligence

What could you do with an x-ray view into your competitor’s marketing program? Or your entire market category? Our black-ops Competitive Intelligence team will arm you with a dossier so powerful they’ll never see you coming.

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Launch Strategy

Launches are hard. We make them easy. Our Go To Market team will design a winning strategy to help you take the world by storm. By combining competitive intelligence with marketing expertise across more than 50 marketing channels, your launch team will be ready for prime time.

Conversion Engine Design

Every conversion engine is a little different; sometimes you need a machine room, other times a tricked out lawn mower is just the ticket. We’ll work with you to design a conversion engine so efficient you’ll take the other guys’ lunch money without breaking a sweat.

Search + Social

SEO, PPC and social media marketing could be called the Charlie’s Angels of digital marketing. When led by Charlie (aka content strategy) this trifecta knocks out the competition, helping you to stand out in a sea of search results. Ready to turn your audience into advocates and win the content game?

Persona Development

Do you know who your customers are? Where they live? How much money they make? How they make purchasing decisions? We use our proprietary system of geographic, demographic and psychographic elements to answer the tough questions that will help you crystallize your customer personas and speak to them in a language we all share — human.

Investor Due Diligence

A VC’s job is hard and understanding the complex marketing game makes it harder. We’ll cut through the noise, identify ways to make your investment more valuable and stealthily leave you the smartest person in the room.

Growth Hacking

Theories are good, but only as good as the experiments that test them. We can help you hone in on a singular goal and devise a killer litmus test to rapidly accelerate learning and growth. Your KPIs will thank you.

Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Marketing is digital. Marketing is traditional. Digital feeding traditional. Traditional feeding digital. And all of it must work together, fully tracked, fully accountable and completely brilliant. We’ll help you define, design and execute integrated marketing campaigns across more than 50 channels, so you can win the marketing war.

Our Story

What makes us stand out from the crowd
Someone once told us that marketing was just sugar. We're here to prove them wrong.

At Websavant, we’re game changers, team players, inquirers, and there’s nothing we love more than a challenge. Our elite team of Quantitative Marketers has a wealth of experience in all manner of business sectors– travel and tourism, luxury lifestyle, commercial real estate, health and wellness, and retail — to name just a few. We’re voraciously curious generalists who delight in learning the ins and outs of new products, industries and practice areas.

The marketing industry is changing on a daily basis, and we think current options leave the client feeling behind the eight-ball. Having to choose between the comprehensive benefits of a traditional agency, and the cutting edge approach of digital specialists seems unfair, so we’re bucking convention and bringing them together.

Both individually and in our work as a team, we’ve achieved results exponentially above industry averages — we really, really like to win. And we believe that you should be able to track successes with numbers, so there’s no sleight of hand here, just quantifiable facts. That’s what Quantitative Marketing means; melding the creative thinking with demonstrable results and active guidance.

Think it sounds like we could make marketing magic together? Shoot us a note and let’s talk about how we can help you win.


A peek behind the brilliant minds at Websavant

Equal parts strategists, analysts, data junkies and storytellers, some might call us a wacky crossbreed — we've even been called Marketing Unicorns. And we make marketing magic.

Our love story started half a decade ago at an ad agency in DC, where our three founders met. Kimberly, our lead strategist, was brought in to head up the digital team including Jaime and Kelsey. Together we grew that team (in people and revenue) more than 100% year over year during our time there.

Smart enough to recognize a good thing when we saw it, wanting to elevate marketing and what it means to be an advertising agency, (and let’s be honest, wanting to do things the way we believe in) we reconvened the dream team to launch Websavant. Our three fearless founders brought in a network of trusted advisors across a range of industries and skill sets to bring you a small (but perfectly formed) team of Marketing Unicorns.

Kimberly Carroll
Kimberly Carroll
President & Founder

Kimberly, our fearless leader, has 22 years of digital marketing experience (which is quite a feat considering the industry’s vintage) and has designed full-spectrum web builds and marketing programs for high profile names like Art.com, Time Inc, Oprah, BMW, Clarke Mosquito (B2B), Tork (B2B), Vosges Haut-Chocolat and many more. She’s a truly killer strategist, technologist, publisher and marketing practitioner, who designs and executes conversion funnels (or conversion machines, as we like to call them) that deliver. On top of that, Kimberly is THE Go-to-Market girl and ecommerce expert — she has catapulted countless products and brands from relative obscurity into dictionary-worthy phenomena. Having called the Internet her playground since the dot com era, Kimberly jokingly refers to herself as the “grandmother of the world wide web” but in real life we’ve yet to see her order a drink without getting carded.
Kelsey Wiltrout
Kelsey Wiltrout

Co-Founder Kelsey is what we call a modern Renaissance woman, but we also think of her as the secret weapon. A fantastic strategist with over five years of agency experience established during the highly transformative era of paid search and social media, Kelsey has designed and executed digital campaigns for clients such as The Girl Scouts, Sassoon and Cirque du Soleil, to name just a few. As our resident project management commander (no really, we had a custom pin made to prove it), she admits that she loves a good tool, process or framework almost as much as a good Mourvèdre rosé . Aside from being an analytical powerhouse, she has a razor-sharp eye for design which helps her bridge the gap between strategy and production — making her an untouchable breed in the world of marketing. Who knew that after studying Kinesiology at college, she’d end up managing the mechanics of businesses, rather than human bodies.
Jaime Rosenzweig
Jaime Rosenzweig

Having lived on three continents, Co-Founder Jaime brings a unique global perspective. One of the few strategists to be both a paid social and search practitioner since their earliest iterations, she has razor-sharp instincts for the whole digital ecosystem. She also brings half a decade of agency experience designing and executing full spectrum digital strategy for clients in: travel & tourism, lifestyle, wellness, and commercial real estate. A proud member of the #nerderati (she graduated Magna Cum Laude), Jaime’s never happier than diving into a data set. She also has the brilliant ability to craft the perfectly worded phrase on ANY topic. Her positive energy is palpable in any situation; a natural-born orchestrator, she has the enviable ability to effortlessly captivate a room. Rockstar credentials earn Jaime a head seat at the table. Luckily, at the table is her favorite place to be — gluten free dining suggestions welcomed.
Jennifer Speaker
Jennifer Speaker
Tech Lead

Tech whiz Jennifer’s love of IT was ignited by her dad, who did sales support for IBM. Fast forward, and she has more than 20 years of experience as a project manager, developer, trainer, software troubleshooter and web analyzer at IBM, Andersen Consulting, PWC, and Underwriter’s Labs to name a few. Jennifer’s thirst for learning means she’s always up on the latest and greatest tools, but her secret sauce is the ability to combine technical knowledge with an unbiased eye to solve real problems. Her talent for meshing the creative side with technical functionality makes her a rare gem in technologist terms. She loves helping small businesses tackle the tech-ops side of the house so they can do more with less and stop struggling with the techno-babble. If all that isn’t impressive enough, Jennifer also served as Chairman (one of only five women) on the Elmhurst Chamber of Commerce’s Board — but she’s the only one to go into labor in a board meeting.

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